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Render Help To Motherless (Cash Donation)

Motherless babies


It remains a difficult time for everyone  – but more hard to low life and orphans, while for motherless, the situation is more tougher. So as hunger and hardship continues to impact in every aspect of their lives, we’re committed to finding additional ways to support the motherless people (Orphans). You. Can financial support — and if you’re in the position to offer it don't hesitate to do the needful.

The orphanage needs our support, as a team (voxfame) we have try our best in helping them,  as we all know that human wants is unlimited let alone in a life of an orphan.

So therefore we need the support of people of good heart,  just like you to keep the program successful.


You can make your donations through these medium.

Bank Transfer, and PayPal.

You can always drop us a message on this
phone number : +2347086211559
Your name & Amount after your donation.
So that we can send your donation to the appropriate channel.

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Photos :
Motherless babies

Motherless babies
Motherless babies
Motherless babies

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