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Sell&Buy Music Track(Lyrics)

Sell&Buy Music Track(Lyrics)

Two western gospel  unique and classic track now available for sale.WhatsApp our team on +2347086211559, 

 Services & Orders

  • Only Chorus N15,000

  • Chorus & Verse N35,000

The Available Tracks

  1. Victory

  2. Ndozie (God i'm Sorry) 

When you purchased, we will send you the voice note of the song and the lyrics, (for Chorus only)  while for  (both chorus & verse) we will send you the chorus and verse, for easy arrangement, our client can send us the demo instrumental done with the chorus of the said track, where the songwriters can use the instrumental to write the verses and send it back to our client, also with a voice note of the verses, for easy sinking and harmony.

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