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Popular Tiktoker Mimi Used For Ritual By Her Boyfriend

Popular Tiktoker Mimi Used For Ritual By Her Boyfriend

Unusual circumstances led to the death of Mimi, a popular Tik Tok user.  Several sources claim that she passed away on Monday, July 18. According to the sources, Mimi became ill out of the blue and was sent to the hospital. 

A TikTok sensation where Mimi was simply identified as having died in a strange situation.

She died on Monday, July 18, according to sources. According to sources, Mimi suddenly became ill and she was taken to the hospital. "Mimi's death shocks us a lot as she recently got sick and should recover in a few days.
She was taken to the hospital by her boyfriend and  got her information
About his plan to use her for money rituals. So I started SOS on WhatsApp  to help people, but Mimi died before arriving at the hospital. 

In her hospital, Mimi's friend wasn't found anywhere and she had to take her body to her village. But we don't  know the name of her Mimi's boyfriend because we kept it secret  every time we asked her, "she said.


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