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The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel

The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel
By Igwe Samuel 

Because of how critical Faulks road is to me and my business. I have decided to monitor and ensure this road is done even without pay.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu greeted Abia on the 6th Of January, 2022 with an announcement of the release of 2.5bn Naira to the contractor handling Faulks road. This to Abians, especially your dearly beloved a very big good news.

The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel
Few days ago, I posted an inquiry demanding to know who the contractor of Faulks road is, because I have big questions to ask and I demand an answer.

Precisely, on the 13th January, 2022 while going to work I stopped to monitor the work going on in Faulks road and was not only embarrassed  but was saddened at what my eyes saw.

Please who is the contractor Constructing Faulks road I ask again?

Does it mean that 2.5bn Naira can only fetch us construction using shovels and barrow? 
The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel
Does it mean that 2.5bn worth of work entails using shovels to work on a major road like Faulks road?

Which construction company uses such analogue equipments to construct a road that would be plied by trailers carrying tiles and goods going into Ariaria?

The most annoying thing is that what this construction company does, is to size up the bad portion, dig into it and I guess pour red mud and sand and finally close it up.
The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel
If what am seeing there is anything to go by then it means they are patching the road..
Please, the pictures are below and so you can also check if what am saying is true.

Okigwe road by Faulks is closed on the right till Osusu by Faulks. They sized up Nwachukwu by Faulks in front of Maobison Towers, sized up some front part of BTC and then just before Osusu by faulks. They are currently working on the one in front of Nwachukwu, just in front of Maobison Towers now.

Please, am no Engineer but what am seeing there is nothing but a Jamboree.  
I call on the Commissioner of Works, Commissioner of Trade and investment, and all government appointees to go and see for themselves. His Excellency Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Kindly go and see what the people you gave 2.5 bn few days ago are doing.
The Tale Of Faulks Road "Aba" - By Igwe Samuel
This is just not acceptable. This is daylight robbery and it should not stand.

If they are not ready to work on that road, they should kindly pack up their shovels, headpans and barrow and leave immediately.

My name is Igwe Samuel
Resident of Faulks road, Aba

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