Do You Known That The Name Psquare Still Maintains Relevancy Than....?

Do You Known That The Name Psquare Still Maintain Relevancy Than  Mr. P and Rudeboy

Thank God for making it possible for Spotify to come into the country, at least it has save most of us the stress of using VPN to login into our account, just for the purpose of playing new music.

An upcoming music artist  name, SeanRomzzy, who is one of Spotify user, pours out his mind, via the separation of two cute twins, Peter and Paul, musically know  as Mr. P and Rudeboy, year back.

I use to be their fan, year back, before they decide to break my heart together with other fans theirs, but up to this moment,  I still stream their songs on Spotify, (Psquare), but it happened that I decide one day to stray away to their separate account on Spotify, to my greatest surprise, Psquare has more monthly listeners than their separate artist account, I was shocked. 

These are artist, that has ever given us hope that one day, Africa will be in the list of Grammy award. because of their relentless effort in Nigeria music industry and entire West Africa as a whole. But today what happened,  Zero artist in terms of comparison with Psquare hits millions monthly listeners on Spotify, and other digital platforms while almighty Psquare hits 500k+ monthly listeners, what about their separate accounts Lols. 

In previous years they are the most richest Artist in Nigeria,  what about now, what happened to the list.

2021 Richest Artist In Nigeria.

The solution to the solution, is their coming together again but not as one, but as different person in one umbrella called "Psquare"  it will also boast the moral of igbos in music industry. Peace - SeanRomzzy


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